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Movement and exercise is healthy, natural and fun!
The growing body needs plenty of movement for a healthy development of body and mind. Movement stimulates the senses, the brain and strengthens the back. This also prevents posture problems in adulthood.

The Swoppster embraces the nature of children.
Traditional children's furniture greatly restricts children from their natural movements. Therefore, the firm Aeris has designed the active-dynamic chair “Swoppster” for primary school-aged children. With its unique 3D movement, the chair adjusts to the child  - not the other way around!

6 Reasons why to choose Swoppster:

  • Provides more movement than any other seat.
  • Promotes learning, attention and concentration.
  • Helps release physical and emotional stress.
  • Strengthens the back, prevents bad posture habits.
  • Individually adjustable to size, weight and physical activity.
  • It's fun and promotes a good attitude!