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Corporate profile

ABS Alpha Group: A success story

1993 - 2001: How it all began...

In 1993, Markus Laube founded the owner-operated ABS Office Systems GmbH in Bad Vilbel, Germany. Providing high quality office furniture from various reputable manufacturers remains the focus of the company today.

Building upon a foundation with NATO and U.S. Forces (GSA Contractor) via a framework agreement with the United States government, ABS is one of the few German companies with such privileges. This speaks for our company’s unique abilities and exceptional customer service, which are qualities appreciated by any client.

Furthermore, ABS Bürosysteme Handels GmbH specialized in the sale of prefabricated buildings constructed of steel and wood. Buildings are available based on permanent use or a limited time period. The ABS building portfolio also addresses warehouse and environmental technology.

2001 - 2004: Why not produce as well?

First and foremost, ABS stands for quality products. As a result, the concept of producing our own product made perfect sense. Our clients are guaranteed complete satisfaction without compromise.

Our second location in Frankfurt am Main is the home of our leading edge, computerized production. Customized furniture of the highest quality can now be easily designed and produced. Combining classic styles with modern features, ABS offers endless creative possibilities.

2004 - 2007: From development to manufacturing

After years of development and planning, ABS develops its premier furniture series. The Bristol, Swindon, Sheffield and Cornwall series go into production. Years of experience together with know-how enable this courageous step. Originally specializing in the mere distribution of office furniture systems, ABS is now a full-fledged manufacturer.

2007 - 2009: The expansion takes its course

With many successful years, ABS breaks ground at a new location in the Bad Vilbel industrial area. The new location offers enough space for production and business operations. The steel construction of the warehouse and production facilities makes for a unique atmosphere. The administrative and show rooms are comprised of our own space modules and waved aluminium facades. The cost and energy efficient facilities are an ideal example of modern workspace and our excellent products.

2009 - Present: ABS Alpha Group GmbH

The renaming of ABS Alpha Bürosysteme Handels GmbH to ABS Alpha Group GmbH helped result in an optimized company structure. The new corporate divisions provide more clarity and focus. For example: systems solutions, hotel furniture, facilities and classic cars. Whether space system or larger-scale hotel facilities, this organization structure helps provide the best possible care to our customers.

ABS remains dynamic with outsourcing parts of the production of our own furniture line to Portugal, which ensures cost-effective and high quality furniture for our customers.

After nearly two decades in business, ABS continues to focus on quality, creativity and most importantly - customer satisfaction.

Our corporate divisions at a glance.

The ABS Alpha Group GmbH website has a new structure. The five corporate branches can now be viewed as separate websites in corporate design, so you benefit from specific information based on your needs.