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Fixed Installations

Endless space concepts – the principle of flexibility

A multi-functional wall system offers maximum flexibility in your room design compared to fixed wall structures. With its solid construction and valuable surfaces, they represent the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Customers, business partners and employees - those who navigate through these offices see and feel your personal design. Fine wood surfaces, attractive glass elements or any other decorative material provide you with a new type of design flexibility. Almost incidentally, the wall system provides architecture for coordinated processes and structured communication.

With integrated shelves, cupboards and work surfaces, offices are seamless in design. Your office routine will not be interrupted for the professional and proper installation of the wall system. Electricity, water and network connections can be discreetly hidden in the walls.

Room-in-Room concept: turning open space into new space

Can you imagine doubling your effective working area without having to expand your space by a millimetre? With innovative ideas and unusual designs, the cabin also features built under difficult conditions attractive solutions for industrial premises. The result of unused, open space is new space for your business.